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Prairie Wind elementary

Graphic of the Prairie Wind mascot

November 2018

Dear Prairie Wind Families and Friends,

It is hard to believe we have just completed our first 9 weeks of the 2018-19 school year. We celebrate numerous student and staff accomplishments and know that our partnering with families is attributed to the great progress we continue to make.  Thank you all for making time to visit our school for parent teacher conferences, Book Fair, Veteran's Day program, Holiday Meal, Parents and Pastries and so many other classroom events that you are part of!  Our parent/community attendance and participation at PW is truly something to celebrate!

We are proud to announce many new student clubs this year; Lego Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Christmas Craft Club, Student Council, Principal's Advisory Committee and our Principal's 200 Club. We know that these opportunities provide a positive platform for students to team with other students, PW staff members and for students to enjoy interests/talents as they make strong connections to our school community.  I continue to be amazed at the positive interactions that exist with our students and staff in our hallways, classrooms, playground, lunchroom and entire school community.  Our staff is dedicated to our continuous improvement efforts that challenge us to meet the learning needs of each of our students.

As our holiday season approaches, it causes us to pause and reflect on things we are thankful for and hold dear. Your students are a treasure to our school family and I am grateful to be surrounded each day with an outstanding staff team, amazing students and very supportive families within our PW school community!  It is truly an honor to serve with you as well as remain student focused and work hard together to do everything it takes to ensure success for ALL students.

May you all enjoy the holiday season and the time you spend with those who fill  your hearts with joy and happiness!

My Best,

Lisa Weigel

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